Current Ambassadors

We are so proud to have an incredible group of Heartsi ambassadors. Get to know them and their stories here!

Morgan, USA

My name is Morgan Madden and I am sixteen years old. I was scrolling through Instagram when I found your account and I instantly fell in love with it. I was on your website today when I found your ambassador program and I thought this would be an amazing way to give back to others (which was one of my New Years resolutions!). I really only use Instagram and my account is morgan.madden. I also have a joint spam account that is spammmadden that I also frequently use. I know your company focuses on more of the materialistic art but dance is art to me and I'd love to add that aspect of art to your team.

Favourite form of art: Dancing

Why she loves art: I guess I really enjoy it because anyone can do it. It doesn't matter who you are or your background, everyone has something to portray through art. It's something you can do as much or as little as you'd like. I like art because it brings people together who wouldn't typically feel like they have something in common.


Ria, New Zealand (runs @heartsireviews on Instagram)

I am very passionate of art, and even though I cannot produce a drawing that has clear recognition of an item, my painting makes up for it.

I never thought I would be one to paint. In my primary school all we did was cut stuff out and stick things on for art. Although this was fun I never truely got to experience my passion for painting.

When I came to my high school I had art in the second term. We explored photography, sketching, sculpting, quotes, and painting. I mixed colours on my palette and my teacher was very impressed with my blending. Finally we started painting objects, and for the first time I painted an apple that was sitting on the desk.

I think it was then that I truely admired art and it’s abilities if bewitching the mind and transporting it to a whole new universe.

That is why I would be super chuffed to become an ambassador, and help others see the true beauty of art. I also think it’s really cool that some of the money you receive from the purchases of your items goes to a free art lesson for children.

I may not have millions or even thousands of followers but I hope that my passion can spread heartsi more than any amount of followers can.


My name is Maya and my art instagram page is  pearl.artstudio 
I’m have been interested in painting and drawing since I was little. My biggest dream is to become a full time painter but for now I’m a student who works a part time draw and does a few spontaneous pieces of art whenever I get the chance. I plan to spread the word of the importance of art and how it’s an amazing way for people to come together by posting more pictures of artwork on my Instagram. Art, I believe, is quite under appreciated by many people today. I want to become an ambassador to show people that art can do wonderful things and make you feel an unexplainable way. To me there is no better feeling then having the opportunity to clear you mind and paint or finishing a piece of work and being able to step back and be proud.